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Forest Guard: The Lego Guard's innovative solution for early wildfire detection

After research, our team learned that increased temperatures due to climate change has also increased the risk of wildfire for our community. We decided to chose wildfire as our problem, and early wildfire detection as the focus for our solution.


Our innovative solution would use computers and people all over the world to watch forests.  The system would employ solar powered cameras mounted on poles situated throughout the forest. The video cameras would be continuously  panning and would be linked by ethernet radios to a hub (one of the fire watchtowers).

The hub computer would then take the snapshots from the cameras ( a "live" feed) and store them in a web server on the internet. A free "Forest Guard" screen saver would be offered to anyone to put on their computer to show these forest photos.

As people enjoy the photos, they could also be the "eyes" to keep a look out for fires. Our research shows that nothing spots smoke better than a human. If you spot smoke, you press a key on your keyboard and Forest Guard would notify the right people (like the local fire fighters station).


We discussed our idea with Foresters at both Cal Fire and Tahoe National Forest. Gary Fildes, the Forest Fuels Manager for Tahoe National Forest, helped us determine where to put our camera towers to completely cover all of Tahoe National Forest for a pilot system. (red dots= camera towers, blue dots= watchtower hubs)

Global Connection: We shared this idea with fire specialists at GFMC - the Global Fire Monitoring Center. The GFMC is part of the United Nations. They thought our idea was very interesting!

We also shared this information with Collserola Park and the Barcelona Bombers- Fire Department in Spain.


We have created a relatively detailed outline of our project for the Children's Climate Call. You can get a copy of that document by clicking on the info link below.

Additionally, the multifold brochure (that the team created) is attached below as well. This brochure was handed out to the judges at the competitions.

If you would like to learn even more details, we invite you to watch our presentation on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isCJeSZQtkk or please contact the team and we'll get you whatever you would like!

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