Fires Rage at our Global Connection

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Fires Rage at the Forest Guard Climate Connection: Spain
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The Forest Guards chose Spain as their Global Connection because Spain has been having similar wildfire problems as here in Placer County. In today's news we learned that there is an out-of-control wildfire burning on the island of La Palma, in the Spanish Canary Islands. The blaze has affected over 6,000 acres of land so far, despite the efforts of 600 firefighters and numerous aircraft.However, this is only one fire in Spain. There have been 9,915 forest fires in Spain during the first seven months of this year, which have scorched more than 170,000 acres of land, That is a 26 percent increase in fires, and a 98 percent increase in forest burned from the same period last year.We hope that if wildfires continue to increase, our Forest Guard system can help to protect property, wildlife habitat, and even lives.
- Faith & Drew

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