Who are the Forest Guards?


Photos: H.Buck
Just who are the Forest Guards?

This week,we were visited by John Keitel and Stephen Kijak. They are filming the Sony sponsored documentary about our team's incredible journey from being an FLL award winning team (Lego Guards- Climate Connections), to becoming Forest Guards... and implementing the Forest Guard idea!
Team members were filmed  doing activities they enjoy, and asked a lot of questions!

Faith playing soccer.

Drew playing soccer.
Alejandro: They filmed some of my ordinary activities at home, including leading the horses out to pasture, clearing a pile of debris with our tractor, and swimming in my pond.

Aydan riding his motorcycle.

Bobby riding his bike off the ramp at his family pond.

Andrew: They  filmed me playing piano and  talking about my piano composition, my hat collection, and even chasing one of our bunnies!

My brother-in-law let us stay at his Tahoe cabin for the night and we had a great time!

Walking down to Lake Tahoe...

This was Stephen's first visit to Lake Tahoe!

Bobby, Andrew, John and Drew skipping stones...

A great game of Guesstures!

The beauty of Lake Tahoe in the morning.

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