Major Fire hits Auburn, Forest Guard Families Forced to Evacuate!

August 30, 2009

Photos Courtesy Jennifer Lorraine Bailey-Collins

The 49-er Fire, a 275 acre fire in north Auburn destroyed about 60 homes and businesses and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in Placer County.
Several Forest Guard families were forced to evacuate during the day, but have been able to return safely to their homes.

When I first saw the smoke, I was coming home from the mall.  The smoke was bellowing high from the trees, like a big black cloud. My friend Wyatt had called me and was worried that my house had burnt dawn, but it was ok. The whole time my stomach had a twisted filling in it. We had to take back roads to get home, because our normal roads were shut down.  Soon after we were home, the phone rang; it was a man’s recorded voice saying we needed to evacuate.  My stomach knotted up again. My parents asked my sister and me to pack a few things for over night.  After the power went out, we so left and went to my aunt and uncles house. After a few hours the fire was out and we went home. The next day I was going to the store, where I passed by the destruction of the fire; along the highway we could see the trees and businesses that are gone.  There is a lot of black where there used to be so green.  63 houses were burnt down.
Aydan's Mom, Jennifer, writes:
We did evacuate after we lost power as you know- so much was going on!  Without power we had no water (with potential fire, that is scary...nor a means to keep information at our fingertips for too long.  Since Hwy 49 was closed (we had to detour three times to get home...)We could only head north on 49, so we went to my sister's house... and once we confirmed our power was back on & the road was open (we passed two south bound road blocks who were detouring & halting traffic); we made it back with everything as we left it!  Everyone's well wishes helped out!   Two families I know lost everything! Their houses I would visit back in high school!  The houses they both lived in for well over twenty years each, not to mention their belongings, mementos etc. Their children's pictures- even pictures of their grandchildren- all gone!  So fast!!!
The Auburn Journal has an article about the fire here.
There are fires all over California. Two of them in our own backyards!

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