Team members Volunteer at Fire Victim event

Photos: H. Buck

Saturday, September 26, 2009
The Knights of Columbus put on a spagetti dinner fundraiser for the victims of the recent 49 fire in Auburn. The Knights were the ones that helped us out at our big Fundraiser in April, which was a huge help in getting our FLL team, the Lego Guards, to the Climate Action in Copenhagen back in May!

Aydan and I, and coach Heidi, were available to help out, and to give back some of what we received in help from the Knights and the Auburn community.

County officials and victims of the fire spoke to the crowd.
We (along with the FTC team, the Techno Guards) worked hard busing the tables, keeping them clean and replacing dirty spots with clean placemats.
It wasn't all work, though; we had fun too! The event was great and I hope they raised a lot of money for the fire victims.

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