Forest Guard camera unveiled at Tahoe!

The team takes its first look at the Forest Guard camera!
Photos: H.Buck

November 19, Tahoe Environmental Research Center, Incline Village, NV

The team with Dr. Graham (in orange) and Brendt Allen (purple), and others, taking our first look at the Forest Guard camera.
photo: K.LeVezu

Dr. Graham Kent  explaining the Forest Guard camera system, and plans on where it will be placed.

Showing the team all the pieces and parts of the system.

The awesome Forest Guard camera! Sony did a great job!!

Aydan controling the camera with the mouse, and Andrew watching it on the screen.

The team checks out the camera hardware.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe!

The team looks out over Lake Tahoe.Dr. Graham pointed out future camera locations around the lake, to create line-of-sight and a good network.

The team takes a break to play in the snow with mentor Karl!

Dr. Graham pointing out Slide Mountatin to the team.

The team up at Mt. Rose summit

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