Lego Guard Climate Connection team gets Commendation from Placer County!

LG county commendation
Today, June 9th, the 2008 FLL Lego Guards- Climate Connection team was honored to recieve a Placer County Commendation for their achievements over the past year!

Supervisor Montgomery
Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery awards the 2008 FLL Lego Guards a Placer County Commendation.
team with supervisor montgomery
The team with Supervisor Montgomery
The team gives their award winning presentation on Forest Guard to the Supervisors
spain gets interviewed
Spain gets interviewed
bobby is back
Bobby is back from that fire...
the team with commendation
The team: Coach Heidi, Alejandro, Andrew, Bobby, Drew, Aydan & Faith
coach with team
Coach Heidi and team admires the Commendation!
Thank you Supervisor Montgomery for this honor, and thank you to the Placer County Board of Supervisors for letting us share our presentation with you!
Our team is excited to be going to London to work with Sony Europe at creating a working prototype of Forest Guard. Our hope is that a working model can be introduced soon into our region and that our idea will come to life!
- The 2008 Lego Guards- Climate Connection team

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