"The Forest Guards" documentary

Here is a synopsis and cover of the upcoming  Forest Guards documentary! We are awaiting news on distribution, and will keep you posted !
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Forest Guard Documentary released!

Forest Guard Ambassadors Present at Bright Green

December 11-13, 2009

Bright Green, Copenhagen - Denmark

Andrew, Alejandro, and Coach Heidi went to Copenhagen, Denmark, as guests of SONY to present the Forest Guard system to the world. At the Bright Green Exhibition held simultaneously with the global climate summit (COP 15) they explained Forest Guard and talked about the system. They met with dignitaries, ambassadors, princes, princesses, philanthropists, business magnates, and politicians - explaining the system, and talking about their experiences. The story from Andrew & Alejandro are below, and more photos are in the rest of the article.

Alejandro, Andrew and Morgan David in front of the Forest Guard Display at the SONY Booth

Forest Guard Ambassadors present to Royalty

Bright Green - Copenhagen, DK

All Photos by H.Buck - used by permission

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Forest Guard - the team, the camera, etc - In The News!

The installation of the camera has brought about a large number of news bulletins around the world. The following are some of the links that we've seen!
Various parts of the documentary and quite a bit of information can be seen at: http://forestguardsony.livejournal.com/
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Forest Guard camera unveiled at Tahoe!

The team takes its first look at the Forest Guard camera!
Photos: H.Buck
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Team members Volunteer at Fire Victim event

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Next Steps for Forest Guard System!

Sony brought the team up to date on their work with the system, as well as discussing the next steps for implementing the Forest Guard system in the Tahoe Basin!
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Major Fire hits Auburn, Forest Guard Families Forced to Evacuate!

August 30, 2009

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